Plan of action

Explanation of how the plan will go
DAO's are essentially a great way to invest your spare crypto. This project is not recommended to anyone looking for a fast cash grab, rather than a long-term passive income. The idea for the DAO is to be an elitist group that will eventually run multiple other projects as a collective. Behind the scenes of our team include expertise-level coders, website builders and graphics designers. We hope after our initial mint to instantly transition over to start working on our very own DEX. More of this can be read in the Overview page. The mint will be separated over 500 whitelisted positions and 500 free spots for anyone to be able to mint. Once our DEX has been launched we are planning on a 1-2 week free zone where we will take a small break from the work. A period where we will organize and setup a space for the devs to start working. After which we will continue moving on with our roadmap which can be found on our site.
Simply said, after our mint we will start working on the first point, our own DEX. Naturally, investors will have access to a special channel which will be filled daily with status updates and notes from our developers regarding the build-up.