The most frequently asked questions answered in a few bullet points.
  • Why should I buy into this project? It's ran by a super fanatic team of geeks with interest in bringing cool stuff in the world that is actually necessary, we aren't looking for a quick way of making money but rather to create a huge community and run our projects with the community. Thus making it a safe investment and a long-term income generator for investors.
  • How can this profit me in any way? By buying into this NFT you essentially become a small shareholder in our projects, these range from Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) to Launch-platforms all made by us respectively.
  • Is it worth getting a whitelist spot? This depends on yourself, we offer 500 whitelist spots for our NFT minting event, during which 500 spots remain open for anyone to mint. Having a whitelist spot guarantees your spot in the project with upmost certainty.
  • What is a whitelist? A whitelisted spot on our minting list that will 100% guarantee you to be able to mint a NFT without any external or time-related issues.
  • Who is behind this project? We're a team of developers and artists with various digital skills, this is our first NFT project but have lots of experience working in the crypto-space. Some have worked as freelancers creating smart contracts and others as NFT artists. We thought it's best to bundle our talents and start this amazing project.
  • What is the ultimate goal? There's no concrete end-goal to which we are striving, we plan on growing and becoming a big player in the crypto space especially by launching our own cross-chain DEX.
  • Why have we started this NFT project? To fund our mission we need investors, whilst having gotten numerous offers from individuals interested to invest in our project. We thought that launching our own NFT project would be a good base as it will not only profit us, but the holders as well.