Wealth distribution

Oversight of how funds will be distributed
The amount of (Doodle KAWS) NFT's you hold is in correlation with the amount of "shares" you hold in the DAO. For each NFT you own, you get a slightly bigger piece of the pie. Once a threshold of ETH amount has been reached we will distribute the funds automatically amongst NFT holders addresses'. The DAO multi-sig wallet will be created by us but completely ran by the community.
There will be a fixed spot of 1000 NFT's. This amount will never in- or decrease as we want to keep the shares valuable for each and every one of our holders and not saturate them. The reason we decided to do this is that we would divide the DAO wallet balance by 1000, resulting in a fair share of the pie to each NFT holder. If we did for example 4000 total NFT's this amount would be dramatically lower and removes the profiting aspect of our project, especially since we are not aiming at a very big community. But rather a small one where everyone gets their own say.
We also offer a guarantee that we will always buy up NFT's for the value of the DAO at that given moment, so for example if the DAO is holding $1M and you want to sell your NFT, $1m / 1000 = $1000. That would be our guarantee of always being able to cash out your funds, much like the gold standard in FIAT currencies. The NFT's that are bought by us will be burned, increasing the total equity per NFT by .1% per NFT that we burn.